Kilcreggan House
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A new place

Kilcreggan House is a new workshop and retreat centre for the West of Scotland.

We can sleep about 25, cook for many more and there is lots of break-out space, garden and a big hall to work in.

We believe there is something magical about a group of people coming together to learn, grow and do what they love.

So take a look at our workshops and contact us if you want to host your own event.

You can hire our space

The house and grounds are a stage on which you can create your own weekend event or workshop. Indicative prices are here, but do contact us if you want to chat things through.



We can source, prepare and cook for you or set things up so you can do this independently. We also run food events on sustainability under the banner of GRUB.



There is a separate 120m2 hall with an oak sprung floor, wood burning stove and original crittal windows. The acoustics are excellent.



We sleep up to 25 in a range of rooms in the main house and studios in the grounds.


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Kilcreggan House

Built by wealthy Glasgow merchants, the house was used as a Christian retreat for many years and was known as a place where you could get “closer to God.” After a period of neglect, we are breathing new chic into its grand shabbiness, renewing the services and replanting the garden.

Our basic aim is to make people`s hearts sing through sharing the place, having adventures and new learnings through workshops and events and feeding a deeper sense of community for ourselves and others.